High Efficiency LED Light Saving 70% Electricity & Uniform Low Glare Lighting Healthy for the Eyes
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Highest Efficacy LED Tube in the market. Japanese Quality and Reliability.

Low glare healthy for eyesight and super efficient for maximum energy savings

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Fastest Return on Investment with maximum savings. It is Total Cost of Ownership that matters.

Utility Bills to operate the lamp is more Important than the initial cost of the lamp.

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Creating a sustainable greener Earth for our future generation. It is our responsibility.

Energy Efficiency is the Cleanest, Fastest and Cheapest form of new energy. Every $1 invest in lamp is $2 invest in new power plant.

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Human Centric Lighting enhancing vision, wellbeing and performance

High Natural Light Quality, 95 Ra, Low Glare, Flicker Free, Less Blue

Peace of Mind

White LED Light is transformed from tiny BLUE LED sources into Human-centric lighting.

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Our Value Proposition

LED Tube is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes.¬†Traditional T8 fluorescent tube has shorter lifetime, has faster light decay…

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LED Luminaire

Not all T8 LED Tubes are the same.¬†Our design focuses on low glare light quality healthy for the eyes…

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Win-Win Partnership

We are open to OEM/ODM and SKD partnerships to deliver best values to our partners and customers.

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