Guide to Buying the T5 Direct Replacement LED Tubes

Currently, the market has several options for LED lights, which makes it difficult for the users to choose from. Different LED replacement lights have different options of installation. Not all types can fit your fixture and thus the choice depends on certain criteria.

Several consumers are switching from their traditional fluorescent lights to LED lighting. Solutions owing to the advantages that the technology offers them. When you plan this switch, see that there is small expenditure on the installations. For this, you must choose those replacement LED lights, which can fix in your existing fixtures with ease.

Choosing the Perfect LED Replacement Tube:

The most vital thing, which people must consider when they plan for the replacement of their lights, is the installation procedure of the LEDs. This method depends on the lights and fixtures that you have been using before. Call upon experts to find out the details of the fixtures by removing the bulb. If you are using the T5 fluorescent lights, then the direct replacement T5 LED tube can be easy install without any problem.

If you are, existing lights have no markings made on them. Then you can measure the diameter of the lights to find out whether they are T5 or T8 fluorescent lights. This also makes the replacement process quite quick and simple. Users can also opt for the ballast compatible direct replacement. T5 LED tube, which can replace the fluorescent T5 lighting solutions. The installation process of these LED lights is simple and there is no rewiring required.

Therefore, you see the switching involves no trouble at all if you can follow the tips discussed above. MY LUMENS is one of the leading producers of direct replacement T5 LED tube and several other LED lighting solutions, which follow the Japanese technology. Our products ensure the best outputs and can help people save their energy costs by 50% or even more.

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