APOLLO High Output High Ceiling LED Tube

High output lighting is required for high ceiling applications to deliver the necessary lux at task level.

A typical LED tube outputs 1600 to 2000 lumens. For higher ceiling application, the typical LED tube may not be bright enough to deliver the required lux at task level.

One option is to use more LED tubes resulting in higher initial and higher operating costs. Another alternative is to increase the total lumens of the same tube without compromising the reliability.

Why high efficiency is important

To achieve 4700 lumens, a typical 110 lm/W tube requires 42 watts power resulting in higher temperature inside the tube. For every 10 degree increase in temperature, the life of the product reduces by half.

To achieve the same lumens, a 190 lm/W tube requires only 24 watts. The higher the light efficacy, the lower the power to achieve the same lumens.

High Output Series

MY LUMENS’ Apollo Series High Output LED Tube is targeted for high ceiling or high brightness applications to replace the traditional fluorescent High Flux or High Output series or high bay lighting.

The 1200 mm or 4 feet tube can deliver up to 4700 lumens. The 1500 mm tube can deliver up to 5400 lumens.

Fig 1: Power LED Tube delivering 2300 lumens


Fig. 2: Uniform Light Distribution


Fig. 3: Up to 4700 lm for 1200 mm tube and 5400 lumens for 1500 mm tube.


Product Summary

MY LUMENS has two form factors; one at 1200 mm or 4 feet, another at 1500 mm (5 ft). Fig. 3 is the product specifications.