LED Luminaire

LED Tube has more superior performance as compared to traditional fluorescent tube. There are many LED Tube manufacturers with wide price range due to the many different approaches to deliver the same form factor LED tube. Some LED tube is designed for less than 3 years lifetime. Some has high flickering due to low cost LED driver technology. To a layman, it is just a light and the cheaper the better. For industrial application, this low cost concept could create serious implications. See link.

Not all T8 LED Tubes are the same.

Our design focuses on low glare light quality healthy for the eyes and high efficiency for maximum energy savings.

The table shows our latest products ranging from 0.6m, 1.2m to 1.5m in length. MYT8-1210DD is suitable to replace traditional 32W fluorescent and the MYT8-1212D with 2300 lumen is suitable for high ceiling applications. Besides tubes, we have our next generation innovative Indirect Light Lunar Series to replace complete flat panel or troffer. New Lunar Series Lighting (click to view).

Product Specification Summary

High Efficiency T8 Summary

The Tube System Architecture

Optical Design

The following is a cross sectional view of MY LUMENS T8 LED tube. Our patented T8 tube system architecture has  a customized PC cover with a recessed deck with MCPET to enhance total internal reflection mixing and to reduce the glare resulting in high uniformity across the length of the tube.  The beam angle improves to 220 degree.

The key features

  • High efficiency, low glare, high uniformity
  • Flicker-free, Low THD, High Power Factor
  • Passed CISPR. Suitable for Hospital and Schools
  • Long Lasting up to 40,000 hours.
  • Conforms to International Safety Requirements (PSE, TUV, CE)


How to select the right type of LED tube?

Lighting consultants specify lighting requirements based on certain tasks. See link. It is important that all tube replacements should be done based on lux requirement, the type of tubes to deliver the equivalent lux and the cost to operate the lamp.

The potential Energy Savings

As the LED component efficacy improves,  LED tube efficacy will improve as well. The total lumens may remain the same; therefore, it makes sense to look for highest efficiency tubes to maximize energy savings.

Light Scenario

For a building with 10,000 tubes operating at 24 x 7, this translates to a whopping $1.1M savings.

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