How Much Can Highly Efficient T8 LED Tube Light Cost You?

Buying tube light is not at all an easy task. When you enter a shop the wide assortment of Tube lights can be a little bit confusing. Therefore buy lights which suit your mood and your requirements. They not only are energy efficient but are also certified with energy stars. These energy stars are proof that they consume less current. And thus reduce electricity bill.

Here is a list of all the affordable T8 LED tube lights which you can select for your residential or office purposes.

  • T8 LED 4ft Tube: Though T8 LED tube light price in the USA differs for various models. This consumes a current of 13 watts and has a 5-year warranty and runs for 50,000 hours. It costs $5.90.
  • T8 LED 8ft Tube: This consumes the energy of 37 watts and has a base of FA8 Single Pin with life hours of 50,000. Having a lumen of 4400 and through T8 LED tube light price in the USA varies it costs around $14.95.

Choose the correct T8 tube for your house by comparing various T8 LED tube light price in the USA.

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