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Zero Risk Lamp Replacement

Energy Efficiency translates to reducing wastage resulting in real money savings. The more energy efficient, the higher the savings. In the case of LED Lighting; there are many other intangible benefits as compared to the traditional Incandescent or fluorescent tube. They are: Traditional Fluorescent generates heat. Thus, the Air-conditioner needs to work harder to maintain a comfortable room temperature….

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Energy Efficiency is the Cheapest, Cleanest and Fastest form of new energy

In order to slow down Global Warming, the world must reduce carbon emission by 70%. There are many contributors; for example, from automobiles, power plants, etc. The repercussion can be many as well. Energy generation is one of the major. As population grows, the demand for energy increases; thus, building more power plants. The nuclear power plant may be…

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The case of a Two Dollar T8 LED Tube Light: A true story

Background A friend of mine was so happy when he was awarded a 4500-piece T8 LED tube light replacement project with a 35,000 hours warranty caveat. The turnkey project was to replace 32 W fluorescent tube, commission and perform monthly lux monitoring for 6 months. The basic specs were 18 W, 110 lm/W, CRI >80, PF >0.98, 6000K, 500…

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How LED lamp is made and measured

The inspiration of this blog is to create awareness that lighting replacement has to be done with care. It is not about looking for the cheapest solution but selecting the correct lamp to create the same lighting condition as defined by lighting architects to maintain a conducive working environment. My previous blog discussed about light level is dependent on…

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