Lunar Series

Indirect Lighting is a new approach to deliver lighting to emulate natural lighting.

The LED Luminaire design challenge

Many adopted the approach of direct replacement.

A traditional fluorescent tube has 360 degree lighting surface.

When installed, a traditional approach has 30% of the light back reflected to the aluminum reflector, which in turns. pushes the light forward.

The reflector surface plays an important role to reduce glare and to create lighting near the ceiling edges. It is designed for 360 degree beam pattern lamp.

LED tube has a 120 degree beam pattern. In fact, it does not use the aluminum reflector resulting in dark spots near the edge of the ceiling.

LED Lighting Glare hurts the eyes

With LED intensity density increases over time, LED glare becomes a serious consideration.

High glare hurts the eyes. It is like watching into the sun directly.

Indirect Lighting is a new approach to reduce direct lighting glare effects.

How does it work

Lunar Series is designed to replace normal fluorescent troffer.

It delivers superior lighting quality and soothing lighting ambiance to emulate natural lighting conditions.

Lunar Series using MCPET reflectance material to back reflect and transform the lighting surface to create soothing indirect lighting.

The back reflected light deliver superior lighting ambiance with less shadow and less glare.


Fig. 1: Indirect Lighting emulating a soothing Natural Lighting environment


Higher Efficiency More Savings
Fig. 2: Lunar Series has better light quality as compared to other LED lighting


Fig. 3: Lunar is Indirect Lighting delivering high uniformity across the lighting space


Fig. 4: 28W, 3600 lm, 130 lm/W per troffer


Fig. 5: Indirect LED Lighting Approach using high reflectance material


Fig. 6: Value Propositions


Fig. 7: Natural Lighting effects


Fig. 8: Office Implementation with illuminance testing data


Fig. 9: Corridor Implementation. Notice the dark areas near the ceiling edge using traditional approach.


Fig. 10: Meeting Room illumination Test


Fig. 11: Lighting distribution effects


Fig. 12: Zero Flickering


Fig. 13: Overall design as compared to traditional troffers


Fig. 14: The Lunar structure


Fig. 15: Lunar designed for easy installation and maintenance


Fig. 16: Dialux Simulation


Fig. 17: Bench Marking


Fig. 18: Photo Metric Information


Fig. 19: Product Specifications and Ordering Codes


Indirect Lighting Lunar Series uses back reflecting approach to transform lighting to deliver low glare, high quality lighting close to natural lighting in any enclosed space.

It has been endorsed by the Japanese Medical Association for hospital applications.