No UV Yellow LED Tube

Without suited yellow filters, artificial light as well as daylight will expose substrates coated with photoresist within seconds or minutes with a dose of several mJ/cm2 making reproducible litho-processes impossible.  Today, Yellow LED tube with special UV cut material has enough brightness to illuminate the clean room and to enable reproducible litho-processes.

Fig. 1 Yellow LED Tube with no UV

Product Features

  1. Uniform lighting without glare and flicker
  2. Blue light at 0.01%-0.02%
  3. The yellow led tube can effectively filter out the light wavelength under 520 nm
  4. Designedand manufactured to replace the 36W fluorescent tube
  5. It is widely used in below places:

Applications Areas:

Fig. 2: Photo aligner area with Yellow LED light


Fig. 3 Solder Bumping Area in a Semiconductor Packaging Factory


  • PCB electronic semiconductor factory
  • Archives, libraries, museums
  • Art galleries and boutique shops
  • Printing ink print on color inspection
  • Food production workshop

Product Specification:

Item No MY-T81222617182E-Y
Beam angle 210°
Luminous Flux 1800lm±5%
LM/W 110lm/W±5%
Color temperature 2200K±100
Driver Internal
CRI Ra60+
LEDs chip Epistar SMD LED
Power consumption 17W±5%
Input voltage AC100-240V
PF >0.9
Base G13
Size 1198*26mm
Weight 330g
Material Plastic
Lens Yellow
Working temperature -20 – 40℃
Power Input Single side input
Working humidity 10 – 70%RH
Lifespan 40000H

* Standard light source is Epistar, Nichia, Seoul Semi are optional

MY-T81218417182U-01 Yellow tube