Our Value Proposition

LED Tube is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. Traditional T8 fluorescent tube has shorter lifetime, has faster light decay and more importantly consume more energy over time when compared to LED Tube. It has hazardous mercury inside resulting in special handling during disposal.

LED Tube has much superior performance, lower glare, no flickering, longer lasting and consume less than 50 percent energy as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

Normal LED Tube has about 100 to 150 lumens per watt efficacy. MY LUMENS patented LED Tube can reach up to 190 lumens per watt delivering more than 70% energy savings as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

For example, a normal fluorescent tube consumes 40W energy with ballast. MY LUMENS LED tube consumes only 10.5W energy. If energy cost is $0.11 per kWh, the estimated savings for a 24-hour operation is about $2.40 per month or $28 per year per tube. Payback is less than one year and the tube can last 50,000 hours as compared to about 8000 hours for traditional fluorescent tube.

MY LUMENS understand energy saving, energy efficiency should not be the only aspect of lighting design. There is more to lighting design. Our end goal is to drive towards human-centric lighting (HCL) – the designing and tuning of LED light’s biological, visual, and emotional effects to foster human health, well-being, and performance.

There will be a transition period due to the massive traditional lighting infrastructure.

We have both the replacement market series and the next generation indirect light series that we could transform tiny LED sources into innovative surface lighting with different beam patterns and optimum extraction efficiency.

The following is our patented approach to deliver Low Glare High uniformity High Efficiency T8 tube.

Fig. 1: T8 tube system architecture with all key components.

The design dichotomy

As suggested in Understanding Light Level Blog, the lamp must have a certain lumens to deliver the correct lux on the same T8 anatomy. Based on Fig. 1, there are many options to reduce the cost of the tubes; thus, not all tubes are the same.

For example, some Glass T8 LED tubes are selling at only $2. This could be achieved by:

  • Replacing the Metal Core PCB with FR4 PCB (10 times)
  • Reducing the number of LEDs and drive harder resulting in higher LED junction temp and big gap hot spots.
  • Use Glass tube – poor heat conductor; thus, “cool” to feel but hot inside, shorter life. (about $0.50)
  • Use AC LED driver with high flickers or direct to ballast. Cost shifting. (about $0.50).
  • Result: Lower Efficacy, Serious light decay, high flicker, glaring, hot spots, low reliability
  • DLC or Title 24 certifications may protect during certification but not in mass distribution.

Our patented high efficiency T8 LED tube has:

  • Specialty film to diffuse the specular tiny light sources to enhance uniformity and reduce glare
  • The same film absorbs Blue spectral (30% less); thus, less glare.
  • Customized UL compliant housing with minimum light loss. A typical plastic diffuser has about 10% light loss. UL grade fire retardant material End caps.
  • Metal Core PCB for heat spreading to maintain LED junction temperature below 35 deg Celsius
  • Customized LED driver with high Efficiency, High PF, Low Flicker, Japan-grade Capacitors
  • 100% Dynamic Aging Testing before shipment
  • Results: Low Glare light less strenuous to the eyes, no flicker and high efficiency


Fig. 2: Patented Light Mixing using High Reflective Indirect Light material


Fig. 3: Patented T8 Tube with MCPET Inside


Fig. 4: A picture of T8 LED tube with high uniformity and flicker free.

How it works

You can see get more information and video from this link.


Our Lunar Series Design Concept using the same material

Fig. 5. Lunar Low Glare Back reflected lighting suitable for hospital

The following video capture is done using a mobile phone pointed at the table. The AC LED lamp is installed 10 ft away. Click link to watch video.


Not all T8 LED tubes are the same. We adopt the highest quality Build of Material with integrated extraction efficiency system design approach. Our Lunar Series has 30% less blue an approved by Japanese Medical Association.