T8 LED Tube

Highest Efficiency at 190 lm/W

4 ft, 2000 lumens, 10.5W to replace 40W fluorescent tube

70% Energy Savings, No Flickering,

Low Glare healthy for the eyes

High efficiency LED Tube
Fig. 1: High Efficiency T8 LED Tube


  • Why Us:

    • Highest efficiency for maximum energy savings

    • Low glare for healthy eyes

  • Key Features:

    • Highest Efficacy: 190 lm/W system level

    • Saves more money: 70% energy savings

    • Good thermal management for longer product life

    • Low Glare, high uniformity, Flicker Free for healthy eyes

  • How it can help you:

    • About 65 Euro energy savings per year at 0.25 Euro per kWh electricity rate.

    • Payback in less than 4 months for 24-hours by 7-day operation.


T8 LED Tubes

are the Cheapest, Cleanest and Fastest Way

to Save Money and to protect the Environment

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