Peace of Mind

LED Tube is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes. Traditional T8 fluorescent tube has shorter lifetime, has faster light decay and more importantly consume more energy over time when compared to LED Tube. It has hazardous mercury inside resulting in special handling during disposal.

LED Tube has much superior performance, lower glare, no flickering, longer lasting and consume less than 50 percent energy as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

Normal LED Tube has about 100 to 150 lumens per watt efficacy. MY LUMENS patented LED Tube can reach up to 190 lumens per watt delivering more than 70% energy savings as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

For example, a normal fluorescent tube consumes 40W energy with ballast. MY LUMENS LED tube consumes only 10.5W energy. If energy cost is $0.11 per kWh, the estimated savings for a 24-hour operation is about $2.40 per month or $28 per year per tube. Payback is less than one year and the tube can last 50,000 hours as compared to about 8000 hours for traditional fluorescent tube.

Future Proof LED Lighting

White LED Light is converted from tiny Blue LED sources. There is high blue spectral component in the White Light spectrum. As the LED component’s efficacy improves, the light intensity over the same area will increase as well. This means more glare and high intensity hot spots. This poses a new challenge for luminaire designers. The system level designer needs to mitigate and to transform these high intensity tiny light sources into a surface light and at the same time maximize light extraction efficiency.

The goal is to drive towards human-centric lighting design for better lighting ergonomics.

Fig. 1: Human-centric Lighting for better ergonomics


MY LUMENS use specialty material to transform these high intensity hot spots into a uniform low glare surface light and to reduce the high intensity blue spectral with enhanced efficacy.

MY LUMENS latest T8 LED tube delivers 2000 lm at only 10.5W or an efficacy of 190 lm/W at system level.

High Efficiency LED Tube
Fig. 2: 190 lm/W, 2000 lm, 10.5W T8 LED Tube Light to replace a 40W fluorescent Tube.


The following is one example on the flexibility of the material to back reflect to create a 310 degree beam A19 bulb.

310 degree light bulb
Fig. 3: MCPET thermo-formed to back reflect the LED light backwards


Besides the high reflective properties, the same material can absorb the high energy blue spectral (below 370 um).

Fig. 4: MCPET spectral performance over the light spectrum


The Benefits

MY LUMENS’ high efficiency T8 tubes and the Lunar series troffer have incorporated MCPET specialty material to help reduce glare and back refraction and reflection to create high uniformity soothing lighting. Our Hospital grade troffers passed CISPR 11 suitable for Hospital Installation.

Fig. 5: Lunar Series Hospital Light


The following pictures show sequences of how an array of 9 tiny LED is transformed into a surface light with high uniformity, low glare and minimum light loss.

Fig. 6: LED Array
Fig.7: Different MCPET Shapes



Fig. 8: MCPET effect on LEDs
Fig. 9: Projected LED light comparison (Light Box)
Fig. 10: Lux reading comparisons
Fig 11: MCPET boosts LUX on Light Box applications



LED lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. The next challenge is transforming an array of high intensity light sources into highly uniformity surface lighting focusing on human-centric lighting design and light quality. 

We look forward to working with lighting architects and designers to create, innovate for the future. We also look forward to form strategic alliance for win-win collaboration opportunity, testing, prototyping and high volume manufacturing.

You can click on the following link for our innovative Lunar Series Lighting concept.