Significance of Ballast Compatible LED Tube in the World of Lights

The LED lights are one of the most innovative and significant inventions of the scientists in the last decade. These lights are able to minimize the negative effects of the conventional mercury fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. The latest studies in the world of Physics have established the fact that the LEDs produce much less amount of carbon dioxide than the conventional mode of lights.


The LED lights designed so that they can successfully replace the traditional fluorescent tubes in the homes as well as commercial areas. They do not have the hazardous mercury inside so are environmentally safer and are easy to dispose of.


Advantages of Ballast Compatible LED Tube

The ballast compatible LED tubes are the ones, which can directly replace the traditional T5 fluorescent lights without replacing or rewiring the ballast. They have numerous advantages; a few of them discussed here.


  • Superior Performance

The ballast compatible LED tubes show superior performance, low glare, last longer and consume very less energy when compared to the traditional fluorescent lamps. The brightness of the normal LEDs is only 100 to 150 lumens per watt efficacy, but the brightness of ballast compatible LED tubes can reach up to 190 lumens per watt.


  • Long Life-Span

The Ballasts compatible LED tubes show much longer lifespan than the normal T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes. These LEDs have a life-span of around 70000 hours, whereas the T8 lasts for around 50000 hours and the T12 fluorescent linear has a lifespan of only about 15000 hours. A longer life-span indicates lower carbon emission as it does not require frequent replacement.


  • Low Maintenance

The Ballasts compatible LED tubes have fewer maintenance demands when we consider their long lifespan, even brightness, and efficiency. They are very sturdy, so do not break easily during their handling. They also work well in the outdoor conditions and can withstand rough weather conditions.


So, this was, in brief, the advantages of compatible LED tubes over the conventional form of lights.

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