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MY LUMENS: Ballast Compatible T5 LED Tube Series

Ballast Compatible T5 LED Tube or T5 Ballast Compatible LED tube can replace traditional T5 fluorescent with the same form-factor without replacing or rewiring the ballast. This is a direct replacement for easy installation.

MY-LUMENS has both the direct replacement ballast compatible version and the internal driver version. The ballast compatible version is a direct drop-in without rewiring. The 1.5m 5600 lumens could replace the T5UO (ultra-output) at 7000 lumens at only 35 W versus 80 W on the traditional version or a whopping 56% energy savings.

Fig. 1 MY-LUMENS T5 LED Tube from 600 mm to 1500 mm

The T5 ballast compatible LED tube is excellent for high ceiling applications for warehouses, sport complexes, halls and many more. They are light weight, installed in a single troffer for high brightness applications. With the enhanced brightness, My-LUMENS ballast compatible T5 could match all the existing T5 traditional fluorescent tube with optimum power savings. Over time, the initial cost is important; however, the running cost or the monthly electricity bill to operate the lamp is more important. The payback is less than one year and the energy savings continue for the life of the product.

Why T5 fluorescent?

  • Many switched directly from traditional T8 fluorescent to T5 fluorescent for higher brightness and efficacy.
  • LED technology performance has surpassed fluorescent tube technology with continuous improvement
  • Now, normal highest efficiency T8 or T5 have surpassed traditional T5 with 2 times better performance
  • Due to the expensive ballast, many still reluctant to replace to LED.

Why Ballast Compatible T5 LED Tube?

Now, MY-LUMENS ballast compatible T5 LED tube allow direct replacement without any rewiring and offering more than 50% energy savings.

MY-LUMENS ballast compatible T5 LED tube is direct replacement without rewiring inside the troffer, 185 grams, 180 deg beam angle. T5HO and T5UO can be replaced with MY-LUMENS’ 3900 lumens and 5600 lumens T5 LED tubes respectively.

Fig. 2: More savings with MY-LUMENS Ballast Compatible T5 LED tubes

Fig. 2 shows the various traditional fluorescent T5 ranging from 600 mm to 1500 mm. MY-LUMENS has equivalent to replace the High Efficiency, High Output and Ultra Output series with much lower power. For example, MY-LUMENS 35 W, 5600 lumens could replace 1500 UO at 80 W.

Initial cost of the tube is important; however, the cost of running the lamp becomes more important over time. For example, at $0.35 kWh, the annual savings is about $138 per tube.

The following are the datasheets

600mm T5 LED Tube MY-T506C

1200mm T5 LED Tube MY-T512C

1500mm T5 LED Tube MY-T515C


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