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MY LUMENS: T5 LED Tube Series

T5 LED Tube can replace traditional T5 fluorescent with the same form-factor. MY-LUMENS has both the direct replacement ballast compatible version and the internal driver version. The ballast compatible version is a direct drop-in without rewiring. The 1.5m 5600 lumens could replace the T5UO (ultra-output) at 7000 lumens at only 35 W versus 80 W on the traditional version or a whopping 56% energy savings.

Fig. 1 MY-LUMENS T5 LED Tube from 600 mm to 1500 mm

Why T5 fluorescent?

  • Many switched directly from traditional T8 fluorescent to T5 fluorescent for higher brightness and efficacy.
  • LED technology performance has surpassed fluorescent tube technology with continuous improvement
  • Now, normal highest efficiency T8 or T5 have surpassed traditional T5 with 2 times better performance
  • Due to the expensive ballast, many still reluctant to replace to LED.

Now, MY-LUMENS ballast compatible T5 allow direct replacement without any rewiring. MY-LUMENS ballast compatible T5 LED tube is direct replacement without rewiring inside the troffer, 185 grams, 180 deg beam angle. T5HO and T5UO can be replaced with MY-LUMENS’ 3900 lumens and 5600 lumens T5 LED tubes respectively.

Fig. 2: More savings with MY-LUMENS Ballast Compatible T5 LED tubes

Fig. 2 shows the various traditional fluorescent T5 ranging from 600 mm to 1500 mm. MY-LUMENS has equivalent to replace the High Efficiency, High Output and Ultra Output series with much lower power. For example, MY-LUMENS 35 W, 5600 lumens could replace 1500 UO at 80 W.

Initial cost of the tube is important; however, the cost of running the lamp becomes more important over time. For example, at $0.35 kWh, the annual savings is about $138 per tube.

The following are the datasheets

600mm T5 LED Tube MY-T506C

1200mm T5 LED Tube MY-T512C

1500mm T5 LED Tube MY-T515C


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