Thank You Challenge

LED Tube is designed to replace traditional fluorescent tubes.

Traditional T8 fluorescent tube has shorter lifetime, has faster light decay and more importantly consume more energy over time when compared to LED Tube. It has hazardous mercury inside resulting in special handling during disposal.

LED Tube has much superior performance, lower glare, no flickering, longer lasting and consume less than 50 percent energy as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

Normal LED Tube has about 100 to 150 lumens per watt efficacy.

MY LUMENS patented Tube can reach up to 190 lumens per watt delivering more than 70% energy savings as compared to traditional fluorescent tube.

For example, a normal fluorescent tube consumes 40W energy with ballast. MY LUMENS tube consumes only 10.5W energy. If energy cost is $0.11 per kWh, the estimated savings for a 24-hour operation is about $2.40 per month or $28 per year per tube. Payback is less than one year and the tube can last 50,000 hours as compared to about 8000 hours for traditional fluorescent tube.


What does it take to go beyond 200 lm/W?


Fig.1: 1800 lumens at 9.5W


Fig. 2: 2000 lumens at 10.5W


Fig. 3: 2300 lumens at 12W


Fig. 4: OEM/ODM, your own brand